torstai 25. syyskuuta 2014

Stitch from stash September

This month I have continued the First Play Date, Peacocks and Holly&Ivy. New start is a new ornament from Dimensions Winter Song. Here is a pic of the First Play Date -project. I also bought two new charts which cost 11 euros.

Tässä kuussa olen pistellyt projekteja First Play Date, riikinkukot ja Holly&Ivy-koriste. Uusin aloitus on myös joulukoriste Dimensionsilta Winter Song. Tässä kuvat First Play Daten edistymisestä sekä uusimmasta ostoksesta. Nämä kaksi mallivihkoa maksoivat 11 euroa Ristipistotarvike kirppiksellä.

8 kommenttia:

  1. Lovely stitching Virpi! I am always impressed by the detail in the designs you stitch.

  2. Nice stitching! And purchases. Ah, I think over the next few days my feed will be full of mouthwatering stash. Hope you get to start on them soon.

  3. Great progress!! Nice stash!!!

  4. Your new charts are wonderful. I also have Country Living, it has some great designs.


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