sunnuntai 11. toukokuuta 2014

UFO week

Once again we had a UFO week with a Finnish stitching group and I worked the Chinese Peacock kit. I think I won't have other UFO's for the rest of my life since this one is progressing so slow and this is huge! Last sunday we got loads of snow and it took several days before it melted away.

Taas on oupsin UFO viikko takana ja tämä kiinalainen riikinkukkokitti taitaa olla mun loppu elämäni UFO, niin hitaasti tuo tuntuu edistyvän =D. Viime sunnuntaina saatiin vähän reilummasti lunta ja nyt vasta alkaa olla sulanut varjoisemmista paikoista.



6 kommenttia:

  1. Lovely stitching!! That's a huge project.

  2. This is a gorgeous piece and you can really see the peacock appearing. How much bigger will it be? Is the fold line the centre?

  3. You know what, its going to be worth it so far its just stunning!

  4. This sampler is looking amazing and gorgeous! love Annette


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